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15.01.2021 13:20

University professors develop an etiquette for distance learning

VSU professors, Iosif Sternin and Marina Sternina, have developed an etiquette for distance learning.

“By force of circumstances, almost all university classes are now held online. Students and lecturers are gradually learning to work in the new environment. However, many students seem to misunderstand the idea of distance learning. Since they study from home, they fall into thinking that they can totally “make themselves at home” and forget about academic rules of behaviour: they think they can be late to join the class, go offline whenever they feel like having a cup of tea, ask the lecturer to reschedule the lesson and hold it at the time which they find more convenient, and so on. That is why lecturers have decided to remind our students about the distance learning rules which they have to obey. We want our students to study the rules and try hard to follow them. This will make distance learning more efficient and comfortable,” said Iosif Sternin.

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