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18.01.2021 15:23

Our international students take part in the event “Tolerance, the path to peace!”

On 11 January, international students from VSU were awarded with certificates and presents for their participation in the online event “Tolerance, the path to peace!” which included the online festival “So different, but so alike”. The events organised by the Council of the Levoberezhny district of Voronezh were held in December.

Students from China, Nigeria, Congo, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, and Turkmenistan supervised by the staff members from the Culture Centre of the Institute of International Education of VSU had prepared their performances for the festival.

“I am very glad that I can present my songs to the people of Voronezh because Russians love reciprocity. If you are open and friendly towards them, they will behave the same way towards you,” said Kilani Ezekiel Oluwaseun, a first year student from the Faculty of Economics (Nigeria).

Baldé Hamadi Ussumane from Guinea-Bissau, a fourth year student from the Faculty of Journalism, and a permanent participant at all cultural events of the Institute of International Education of VSU said that such events are very beneficial.

“By taking part in them we would like to say that we have come in peace to Russia. We have fallen in love with Voronezh and its people. And we are happy to present our performances to them!”

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