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10.02.2021 15:11

An international programme by VSU and ISC Paris Business School: a great investment into the future

The previous year showed that it is never too late to study, and that new knowledge allows one to quickly adapt to a dynamically changing world. At the same time, not everyone knows what an MBA is. Where and how can you get this degree? And what is the value of this education step which is not typical for the Russian educational system?

Vsevolod Kurilo, a graduate of the “General Management” (MSc) programme of VSU Business School and ISC Paris Business School, helped us to gain insight into this topic and find answers to these questions.

“My first degree was industrial thermal power engineering, I graduated from the Polytechnic Institute. I worked at Kosmos-Neft-Gaz for a long time. But at some point I felt I needed to fulfil my potential and I started looking for opportunities to broaden my career perspectives. I was thinking about MBA programmes in Moscow and St Petersburg, but then I found out they offer this programme in Voronezh as well.”

In 2016, Voronezh State University and the ISC Paris Business School opened the double degree Executive MBA programme which is notable for its optimal combination of applied theoretical knowledge and practice-oriented direction of the educational process.

Translation problems

“The duration of the course is 15 months, and it’s all in Russian so there are no problems in terms of language adaptation. Still, after the completion of the course we all received international diplomas,” Vsevolod said.

The academic programme is implemented by the lecturers of the VSU Business School with international accreditation. Some of the disciplines, following the decision of the joint academic council of VSU and the ISC Paris Business School, are taught by the lecturers of ISC Paris Business School in the form of webinars and classroom sessions with simultaneous interpreting. The students of the programme are enrolled at both universities at the same time, VSU and the ISC Paris Business School.

European style education

“This programme is aimed at a reconsideration of the real experience. Fundamental basis of economics taught by the qualified university lecturers at this course are perceived differently as compared to student days. Real practice cases are presented for all theoretical knowledge. The aspects of management, motivation, planning, and human resources issues are presented in an absolutely different way. The educational process is more like an open dialogue of interested people who already have some experience in a managing position,” the graduate notes.

The programme includes world-recognised management disciplines that were adjusted according to the requirements of the companies. The enterprises for practical training are chosen depending on the students' individual preferences. The final examination involves the defence of qualification works.

Investment into the future

“Thanks to the knowledge that I have obtained during my studies and thanks to my lecturers and classmates who were interested in the formation of a productive community, I brought myself to change the job and start my own business, a landscape gardening and design company. It was the topic of my qualification paper where real figures and issues that I faced. During the time of my studies I have repeatedly received qualified feedback and I discussed the important points of my business with my lecturers,” Vsevolod notes. “I wanted to get a practical education and my goal was to reach the next level in the field of management. The programme provided me with all the opportunities to do that. We graduated but I still keep in touch with my classmates and lecturers. We meet, we share our experience, and during the studies we have established partnership relations, so some of my classmates are now my clients. I am confident to say that this programme is a great investment into the future.”

The “General Management” (MSc) programme is the only joint programme in Russian business education that received international accreditation and takes into account such aspects of the unique learning environment as the content of the course, period, place, and language of the programme, as well as the quality and cost of education. The graduates receive a diploma in MSc General Management of the ISC Paris Business School and a diploma in MSc General Management of VSU.

The leading lecturers of VSU and other universities of Voronezh are engaged in the educational process of this programme. Many of them completed internships in leading European universities and provide consulting for the enterprises and organisations within the real sector of the economy.

Natalia Valter


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