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Voronezh State University is not all work and no play: we have a lot to offer in terms of sport and entertainment. Throughout the semester students compete in inter-faculty championships in a wide range of sports, from football and volleyball to chess and badminton. Our Sports Unit has excellent facilities, most of them offered free of charge.

Some of our special social events organized by our Entertainment Unit include the annual inter-faculty competition in Arts, Drama and Music- “Vesna” (“Spring”), annual poets and song-writers competitions, photography contests and exhibitions, and much more. We are actively involved in charity work, organising concerts and special events and fundraising for local orphanages.

Our large international community includes students from many different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Special Russian classes are organised for them, ranging from beginner level to those who are more advanced. Most of the students live together in one of our many halls of residence, creating a fun, international atmosphere and an extended support network for students who feel far from home. International students benefit from the many interesting excursions which are specifically arranged to give them a unique insight into Russia’s history, culture, traditions and general way of life, as well as from the wide experience of Russian language teachers who are always ready to help them out and answer their questions.

Saury Andre Kim Joseline
2nd-year student at the Faculty of Law

I like Voronezh State University as it is the largest educational, cultural and research centre of the Central Black Soil Region. There is a great library here. I also like VSU because of its teachers who are very active, efficient and dedicated. The Festival of Russian Speech is a unique event, where you can show your skills and talents as well as, meet international students from other cities. I am really proud to be a student of the University.

Nely de Zhesus Foneska
Cape Verde
Post-graduate student of the Faculty of History

I guess the greatest thing about VSU is that unlike other universities, there is no strict boundary between teachers and students. Here they are one team, and the older and more experienced members, pass their knowledge to the younger ones.  People at the dean's office are always helpful  and glad to assist students.  Every student is treated as an individual, so that they can develop their talents and improve their skills. Voronezh is a wonderful city that really became home for me.

Lanlalit Rattanavisezh
3rd-year student at the Faculty of International Relations

I've found a lot in Voronezh – new language, new experience, new traditions, and culture. I live and study in Voronezh and it's like a whole new world for me of which I know nothing. I'm eager to see what will come next.

Divin Niamby Ntsegany
The Republic of the Congo
2nd-year student at the Faculty of Philology

I had no idea which university I would study at before I actually came to Russia. All I knew was the name of the city and the faculty. When we arrived in Moscow, the teachers told us that we were going to study at VSU. I'd never heard about the University before, and knew nothing about it. At the pre-university courses I started to learn Russian, and I found it really, easy thanks to the teachers who were always patient, and spent all their time with us. When we had difficulties, they were always there to help. I'm now a 3rd year student at the Faculty of Philology of Voronezh State University. I am sure that here I can get really good education, and I'm glad to be studying at VSU.

Usama Alcade
master's student at the Computer Sciences Faculty

I have completed pre-university courses at the VSU Institute of International Education. Now I am a master's student at the Computer Sciences Faculty and I am also planning to continue my studies as a postgraduate. I am happy to be a VSU student. Voronezh is a very beautiful city and it offers great educational opportunities. VSU is acknowledged as one of the best universities in Russia. What's more I have made a lot of friends here both from Russia and other countries.

Milena Kutarba
4th-year student of the Faculty of Journalism

I have been studying in Voronezh, at the Faculty of Journalism for 4 years. VSU has become my new home. I really enjoy studying and living here. The city is big and beautiful. VSU teachers are honest, fair, and very helpful. After graduation I would like to continue my education in Voronezh as a master's student. If you have made up your mind to study at VSU you have made the right choice!

Catalina Cardenas
2nd-year master’s student at the Faculty of International Relations

Russia has given me new prospects and opportunities. I'd never even thought there could be such a great university as VSU. Here the teachers are highly efficient, and at the same time, sympathetic. They are always eager to help you with any problem. It is also amazing how easily students from different countries get on with each other here.

Narmin Mehtieva
4th-year student at the Faculty of International Relations

I'm from Azerbaijan and I came to Voronezh in 2011. So, I've been here for 4 years already. I am a student at the Faculty of International Relations of Voronezh State University. A lot of students from all over the world come to study here, so a group may often include people from various countries.  This really helps to broaden your mind, and teaches you how to communicate with people of different cultures, as well as influencing your general attitude to other people. Although there are a large number of students, each gets sufficient attention, and all the necessary help from the teachers, who treat each student as an individual, and even remember all their names. The education process is also very well organised. The secretaries always manage to inform students about any events or schedule changes in advance, which is great. As for student activities, there are a lot of groups and workshops, so you never get bored here. You can also try to get a scholarship, if you study hard enough. There are a lot of exchange programmes that take place during the year, and at holidays you can go to one of the University summer camps, or resorts either to work, or to enjoy yourself. As in any other university, exams here are difficult, but the teachers are really helpful and even give extra lessons free. The education here is excellent. Students may work while studying, and thus get the experience that will make finding a good job easier. Voronezh is a very beautiful and welcoming city. There are a lot of trees and parks here. I like to walk in the Admiralteyskaya Square where you've got a fantastic view of the river and the other shore.

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