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Voronezh State University is proud of its extensive links with universities and other organizations all over the world. Our collaboration with other universities ranges from student exchange and teaching partnerships, to joint research on global issues. The University engages with business and industry in many areas in order to strengthen the industrial competitiveness of the region.

We participate in the European Erasmus scheme and take an active part in TEMPUS Programmes to promote mobility and cooperation between students and staff of different European countries. Our extensive network of international exchange partners provides opportunities for students and staff to gain international experience in the wider global community.

VSU has been engaged in active collaboration with Oxford Russia Fund for more than seven years. ORF lends considerable support to the students majoring in humanities, in addition to assisting the University in training prospective specialists for the country's economic and political elite. ORF currently has several programmes: a scholarship for full-time Russian university students majoring in humanities, "Books for the University Library" and "Electronic Library" projects, summer schools for students, English philology seminars, as well as supporting Russian and international academic and educational conferences. The work of ORF at VSU is coordinated by Assistant to Rector Sergei Kamshilin.

We are always interested in furthering cooperation and development overseas, and providing new and exciting opportunities for our students and staff. 

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