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What you can expect from the weather in Voronezh – average temperatures, rainfall, hours of sunshine and weather forecasts.

Voronezh has a humid continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. A moderately frosty winter, usually with stable snow cover, formed in January–February is typical for Voronezh. Thaws accompanied by rains (especially in December) are also a key feature. Summer is warm, sometimes even hot (especially July and first half of August), in some years it might be rainy in others dry. Autumn is mild and rainy. The average annual temperature is +6.9°C but the average temperature in the city exceeds +15°C for 107 days per year.

If you are interested in what type clothes you should bring, you must take into the account the season you’re arriving in Voronezh. In December and January, a warm, durable jacket preferably with fur stuffing is required. Shoes should also be lined with fur. It is recommended you have a hat which covers your ears. Gloves are highly recommended as well. However, do not think that Voronezh’s winters are extremely hard. The lowest temperature in winter is approximately –22,4°C and it usually lasts for a maximum of 3–4 days.

In summer, sunbathing is quite popular among the local population. People generally go to the river banks. This is a widespread activity from May and up to the end of August. For this season light summer clothes are preferred.

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