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The city’s main street, Prospekt Revolyutsii, is rich in historical buildings, as well as bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, and cinemas.


The Voronezh Stone Bridge (Kamenniy Most) is one of the must-see sights of the city. It is situated at the intersection of Karl Marx, Ordzhonikidze, and Chernyshevsky Streets. The bridge is quite small (no more than 10 metres long), but it's a traditional place of pilgrimage for the newly-wed, and is sometimes called "The Lovers' Bridge". You can take lovely photographs on the bridge, which most brides are ‘carried across’ according to the wedding tradition.


Admiralteyskaya Naberezhnaya, constructed to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy, is a lovely and beautiful place for a walk around the city, with the old church where Peter the Great christened new ships, and an excellent view of the left bank of the Reservoir.

The Goto Predestinatsia ship-museum is a recreation of the first Russian ship of the line, built in 1700 in Voronezh, by Russia’s first emperor Peter the Great.


Lenin Square is the main square of the city, with a monument to Vladimir Lenin in the centre. Every winter a huge New Year Tree is placed in the square, and you can take part in the lighting up ceremony, or enjoy skating on the open-air winter skating rink.


The Park Koltsovskiy Skver is a centrally located green spot, where the city's residents love spending their time. It is not just a beautiful place, but also a cultural centre of the city and one of its major arteries. One can come here to stroll along the paths, enjoy the dancing fountain, and see the monument to a great Russian poet Alexey Koltsov.


Monuments to such writers and poets as Koltsov, Nikitin, Mandelshtam, Esenin, Pushkin, Platonov, and Bunin reflect the rich cultural history of Voronezh.


The Petrovskiy Skver Park is famous for the monument to the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great.


The office of South-Eastern Railways (SERW), (in Russian YU-VE-ZHE-DE), which is similar architecturally to the world-famous Moscow Seven Sisters designed in Stalinist style, is one of the best known landmarks and a true highlight of the city.


Blagoveshchenskiy Kafedralniy Sobor, built in 2009, is the 4th tallest Orthodox church in the world, being topped by the largest cross in Europe.


Akatov women's monastery, a restored nunnery, founded in 1674, is located near the river in lovely grounds, which include a tiny graveyard surrounded by colourful, lopsided cottages. The interior of the monastery is entirely covered with frescoes.


The monument to the Dog named White Bim Black Ear, the hero of the poignant novel by Voronezh writer G. Troepolsky, is situated right in front of the Puppet Theatre and is undoubtedly a great favourite of locals and visitors alike.


The monument to the character from the Soviet cartoon “Kitten from Lizyukova street” is definitely one of the mascots and symbols of the city. It’s situated near McDonalds on Lizyukova Street.

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