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Student communities subordinate to the Students' Board of VSU

Joint Students’ Board of VSU


Phone: +7 920 464-23-22
E-mail: malevich_potracheno@icloud.com

The board coordinates the activities of the students’ boards of 17 faculties of Voronezh State University. It aims to ensure cooperation between the students’ boards and helps to protect the rights and interests of students.

Kacheli youth donor movement

Head – Tatiana V. TUPOTA

Phone: +7 920-436-90-19
E-mail: ittwiis@mail.ru
Social media: vk.com/ttwiis, vk.com/young_blood_voronezh

Kacheli is involved in promoting the blood donor movement in Voronezh. They maintain a common database of secondary donors for a continuous inflow of blood at blood donor stations and organise regular donor events at Voronezh universities.

VSU Volunteer Club

Head – Dmitry S. BOGOMOLOV
Phone: +7 999 721-21-32
E-mail: dbmechanism@gmail.com
Social media: vk.com/volunteersvsu

Members of the club take part in environmental, social, charitable, cultural, and educational events, and coordinate volunteers at various local, regional, and national events. If you have some spare time and are eager to spend it on a good course, you are welcome to join us!

The Volunteer Club also incorporates the Volontery Pobedy community centre. Volontery Pobedy (Volunteers of Victory) is a non-commercial all-Russian public movement. It helps war veterans, maintains monuments and commemorative sights, and organises patriotic events and games. Members of the organisation are proud of the past, cherish the present, and look towards the future.

Intellectual games club of VSU

Head – Alexey PROSHIN
Phone: +7 952 559-73-14
E-mail: vstrelok_voronezh@mail.ru

The club is committed to the development of intelligence and creativity among the youth by organising and holding various intellectual tournaments and training sessions for the general public.

Legal Clinic of VSU and Association of Russian Lawyers

Head – Olga Ya. KINIV
E-mail: olga.kiniv@mail.ru
Social media: vk.com/jurisconsult_vsu, vk.com/id444255273

Members of the clinic render free legal assistance to citizens, such as legal consulting, assistance with legal documents, and legal representation as well as raising the legal awareness of the public.

Creative Science, Entertaining Science project

Head – Dmitry A. KOYUDA
Phone: +7 961 188-39-99
Website: iturnir.ru Social media: vk.com/dkoyuda

Creative Science is a team of young VSU’s scientists who try to popularise the natural sciences by means of spectacular interactive educational shows.

VSU Student Teams Headquarters

Head – Vladislav A. GOLEV
Phone: +7 980 538-91-14
E-mail: vsu.shtab@gmail.com
Social media: vk.com/so_vsu; vk.com/golev_vlad; www.instagram.com/vsu.shtab

Russian Student Teams is an all-Russian public youth organization. It is a self-regulating public volunteer organisation created on the initiative of the Russian citizens with similar interests in order to achieve common goals.

The goal of the organisation is to provide part-time jobs to students from Voronezh State University who want to work in various economic areas during their free time.

National Student Tournament of Three Sciences

Head – Dmitry A. KOYUDA
Phone: +7 961 188-39-99 Website: iturnir.ru
Social media: vk.com/dkoyuda, vk.com/iturnir

The tournament is a platform where talented science students can find internships and employment. The participants are required to solve practical science problems given to them in advance and then present their solutions and justify them at a scientific debate. Some of the problems are suggested by partner organisations which are potential employers. In 2016, the tournament gained federal status and included four regional qualifying rounds in four federal districts of the Russian Federation. The final stage is held at VSU. The Tournament is now held in 8 federal districts with the participation of international teams.

Uknow, the press service of VSU's Joint Students' Board

Head – Ludmila A. POLUKHINA
Phone: +7 920 446-17-64
E-mail: lyudimila.karpova@list.ru
Social media: vk.com/id321165007, vk.com/vsu.uknow

Want to get information about the most awesome events? Have no idea where to have fun and be useful at the same time? We have the solution! Uknow will provide everything you want: the most interesting previews, fascinating articles, and spectacular videos that will fill you with enthusiasm.

VSU sports tourism centre "Belaya Gora”

Head – Inessa Ye. KACHEVSKAYA
Phone: +7 919 240-52-88
E-mail: inessapovorino@gmail.com
Social media: vk.com/goldenfish_in, vk.com/belaya_gora_vsu, www.instagram.com/belaya_gora_vsu

The centre organises sports and tourism competitions, hiking tours, and camping trips, as well as training sessions on surviving in extreme conditions, instructor training, and instructor's positions in the Voronezh Region, Russia, and all over the world.

Khitschnye Bobry (Rapacious Beavers), VSU sports club

Head – Valentin O. NIKIFOROV
Phone: +7 980 530-03-75
E-mail: mrx884@yandex.ru
Social media: vk.com/bobry_vsu

The club promotes a healthy lifestyle and recreational sports, improves the image of people doing sports, and develops socially active, healthy, fit, and honest young people.

System of curators for international students Buddy Club VSU

Head – Ekaterina M. ARISTOVA
Phone: +7 904 210-12-60
E-mail: pmim@yandex.ru
Social media: vk.com/buddy_vsu, vk.com/id2226297

Head – Zarina Zhumaniyozova
Phone: +7 961 184-70-32
E-mail: zarinazhumaniyozova@gmail.com
Social media: vk.com/zhumaniyozova

Buddy Club VSU is aimed at developing cultural exchanges between Russian students and international students who come to VSU on student's exchange programmes. One of the major goals of Buddy Club’s volunteers is to help foreign students adapt to a new social and cultural environment. All international students are supervised by curators who help them solve various everyday problems and provide social guidance.

Our club provides students with the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world. Every semester, VSU welcomes students from France, the USA, the UK, Germany, Spain, China, and other countries. By helping them, Voronezh students get a great opportunity to practice foreign languages. The organisers of Buddy Club hold themed cinema club sessions, cooking master classes, guided tours, and parties during which they try to break popular stereotypes about Russia and to contribute to the favourable vision of our country.

VSU Esports, VSU cybersports club

Head – Sergey A. IVLIEV
Phone: +7 996 450-22-80
E-mail: serezhaivliev@yandex.ru
Social media: vk.com/vsuesports, vk.com/serezhareiwa

The cybersports club develops and promotes esports among students at Voronezh State University. It also organises themed events and tournaments in various disciplines.

NastolKings, VSU board games club

Head – Kirill V. ZENIN
Phone: +7 952 549-11-40
E-mail: zenin.97@mail.ru
Social media: vk.com/nastolkings, vk.com/disruptive_breakdown

NastolKings is a community that promotes board games of various genres and complexity among VSU students. Originally, the goal of the club was to search for other players. NastolKings now recruits permanent representatives from different faculties with different interests and game experiences and informally introduce them to each other and new games. In addition to standard meetings, they hold themed events and board game tournaments.

17to8, theatre company

Head – Yulia V. VOLKOVA
Phone: +7 910 433-07-50
E-mail: jlvlkva@gmail.com
Social media: vk.com/vsu.faculty18, vk.com/jlvlkva

17to8 is a theatre company where any creative person can find an activity to their liking. The organisation produces performances in all contemporary genres. We promote the unity of VSU regardless of the faculty a student has chosen. We are united both by a common cause and common values and all the people in the team make up a family in which every member is important and of value.

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