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General information
Founded in 1960
40 Kholzunova St., Voronezh, 394068, Russia
Telephone/Fax +7 (473) 246-12-26, +7 (473) 221-06-68,
+7 (473) 266-08-81, +7 (473) 267-49-71,
+7 (473) 266-46-67
E0mail deanery@econ.vsu.ru
Website www.econ.vsu.ru
Dean Professor Pavel A. Kanapukhin, PhD, Dr. habil. in Economics
  • Economic Analysis and Audit
  • Economics and Organization Management
  • Accountancy
  • Credit and Finance
  • Regional Economics and Territorial Administration
  • Labour Economics and Management
  • Information Technology and Mathematical Methods for Economics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • General Economic Theory
  • Economic Theory and International Economics
International partner institutions
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Undergraduate courses (BA)
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • State and Municipal Management
Master’s degree courses (MA)
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • State and Municipal Management
  • Finance and Credit
Study options Full-time, part-time, extramural
  • BA (full-time) – 4 years,
  • BA (part-time) – 5 years,
  • MA (full-time) – 2 years,
  • MA (part-time, extramural) – 2,5 years.
Academic staff 154 academic staff, including 27 professors, 95 doctors, and 32 lecturers. Among them 20 are members or associates of national and international academies and institutions. 
Study facilities/resources Academic classrooms, computer classrooms
More information At the Faculty, there is a Business School, which offers extended education programmes: Master of Business Administration (MBA) and  Bachelor of Business Administration (ВВА) in Management.
International cooperation in the sphere of education
International students 123 undergraduate and 6 graduate students from the CIS and other countries, Central Africa, East Asia, etc.
Double degree programmes / International education programmes
  • A “Management Consulting” MA programme was developed together with the international firm J&M Management Consulting
  • TEMPUS SM_SCM-017B05-2005 "Lifelong Learning for Life" with universities in Germany, Poland, Novosibirsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg
Courses taught in English
  • Marketing Research
  • Corporate Finance
International grant study projects Our students participate in exchange education programmes in universities in the USA, the UK, Germany, China, France, Estonia
Key areas of research
  • The scientific foundation for social and economic policies and business practices.
  • Formation and development of management and control systems for the economy
  • Management control systems for business processes, investment activities, competitiveness, and corporate interaction
Research facilities
  • The Internet
  • The library of the Faculty of Economics, electronic library
  • Computer classes, computer technologies, databases
  • A methodics department
Research teams
  • Management of social and economic systems (08.00.05, founded by V.N. Eitingon) (an inter-departmental team of researchers from the Department of Labour Economics and Management, Regional Economics and Territorial Administration, Economics and Organization Management, and Information Technology and Mathematical Methods for Economics)
  • Economic Theory of Labour (08.00.01, led by I.T. Korogodin) (the department’s team of researchers
  • Recording, analyzing, and controlling the business entities’ activities (08.00.12, led by D.A. Endovitskiy)
  • Economic Theory and International Economics (08.00.11 led by O.N. Belenov) – (an interdepartmental team of researchers)
International cooperation in the sphere of research
International internships / joint research projects Annual international internship programmes in universities and companies in Chemnitz, Hamburg, Munich (Germany), Leuven (Belgium), Belgrade (Serbia), and Paris (France)
International grant research projects
  • European Commission CORDIS FP7 project:
    № 213091 / PROJECT TITLE SUST-RUS (Spatial-economic
    ecological model for the assessment of sustainability policies of Russia)
  • “Spatial-economic-ecological model for the assessment of
    sustainability policies of the Russian Federation”
    (managers: Commission of European Communities, Belgium and CEFIR, Moscow)
  • DAAD Grant (Germany)

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