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Today, philologists teach at schools, work as journalists for newspapers, TV, and radio stations or as spokespeople at various institutions, or secretaries at offices and advertising agencies. They edit and correct articles and texts, make advertisements and video clips, teach business communication and eloquence to the staff of different companies, are involved in public relations, manage websites and blogs, perform linguistic inspection of texts. They also work as speechwriters for politicians, teach the Russian language to foreign students, conduct clerical work, etc.

Founded in 1960, although VSU had been teaching philologists since 1918 at the Faculty of History and Philology
10 pl. Lenina, Voronezh, 394006, Russia
Telephone/Fax +7 (473) 220-41-38
E-mail deanery@phil.vsu.ru
Website www.phil.vsu.ru
Dean Associate Professor Zhanna V. Gracheva, PhD in Philology
  • Russian Language
  • Russian Literature
  • Slavic Philology
  • Foreign Literature
  • Russian Literature of XX–XXI Centuries
  • the Department of the Theory of Literature and Folklore
  • Humanities and Arts
  • General Linguistics and Stylistics
  • Publishing
International partner institutions/partnerships
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Undergraduate courses (BA)
  • Philology
  • Humanities and Arts
  • Publishing
  • Library and Information Management
Master’s degree courses (MA)
  • Philology
  • Humanities and Arts
Study options Full-time, part-time
  • BA (full-time)– 4 years,
  • BA (part-time)– 5 years,
  • MA (full-time) – 2 years.
Academic staff The Faculty has highly-qualified academic teaching staff, including 17 professors, 30 doctors, 1 Member of the Academy of the Humanities, 2 Members of the Russian Academy of Regional Press, 4 Honoured Workers of Science of the Russian Federation, 1 Honoured Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Study facilities/resources
International cooperation in the sphere of education
International students
  • Internship programme for the students of the Institute of Slavic Studies of Martin Luther University (Halle) and other German universities (6 months, 12 months)
  • Exchange education for the students of Sichuan International Studies University, China (12 months);
  • Summer language school for the students of the University of Texas, USA (subject to agreement);
  • A training course in Russian as a foreign language for postgraduate foreign students;
  • Pre-university training for international students majoring in Humanities and Economics (12 months)
  • Bachelor's degree in Philology (4 years)
Key areas of research
  • The universals of Russian literature (XVIII – the beginning of the XX century)
  • The typology of the "non-classical" artistic consciousness (the phenomenon of "provinciality" in the context of aesthetics
  • The concept of the "Voronezh text", the literary process of the XX century in the context of the changing scope of literariness)
  • System and communicative linguistics
  • Linguistic theory, history and syntax of the Russian language
  • General and Russian phraseology
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Contrastive linguistics
  • Linguistic pragmatics
  • The linguistics of literary texts
  • Rhetoric and persuasion
  • Forensic linguistics
  • The syntactic system of the Russian language and the typology of Russian sentences (A.M. Lomov)
  • The interconnection between language and culture (L.M. Koltsova)
  • Comparative linguistics, comparative and contrastive study of the history and grammar of Russian and other Slavic languages
  • The phenomenon of cultural memory in literature

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