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Today, the mathematical school of thought in Voronezh is quite successful. The works written by the scholars of the Faculty are well-known both in our country and abroad. The VSU Faculty of Mathematics is one of the leaders among similar faculties at Russian universities. The students are exposed to a wide range of knowledge not only in mathematical disciplines, but also in economics and in the application of mathematical methods to economics. Excellent knowledge of software applications used to study the current economic situation, as well as a good fundamental training in theoretical and applied mathematics, including computer science, set VSU graduates apart in the employment market. The Faculty graduates are prepared to work in various spheres, such as government agencies, educational institutions, research centres, banks, insurance companies, computer firms, production plants, and commercial firms.

Founded in 1918
1 Universitetskaya pl., Voronezh, 394006, Russia
Telephone/Fax +7 (473) 220-84-01
E-mail deanery@math.vsu.ru
Website www.math.vsu.ru
Deputy Dean Associate Professor Maria Sh. Burlutskaya, PhD in Mathematics and Physics
  • Algebra and Topological Analysis Methods
  • Geometry and Functional Theory
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Operational Equation Studies and Functional Analysis
  • Partial Differential Equation Studies and Relativity Theory
International partner institutions The Faculty of Mathematics maintains cooperation with well-known international universities:
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Undergraduate courses (BSc) 
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
Master’s degree courses (MSc)
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
Diploma degree (specialist) course
  • Fundamental Mathematics and Mechanics
Study options Full-time
  • BSc – 4 years,
  • Diploma degree (specialist) course – 5 years,
  • MSc – 2 years.
Academic staff 20 professors and 34 doctors
Study facilities/resources 5 computer classes, a computer cluster
International cooperation in the sphere of education
International students There are currently undergraduate and postgraduate students from Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, and Algeria
Courses taught in English
  • Intelligent Data Analysis
  • Wavelet Theory
  • Coding Theory
  • Neural networks
  • Simulation of systems with discontinuous nonlinearities
  • Study of models of mathematical physics by projection-grid methods
  • Modelling of systems with delay
  • Theoretical basis for the creation of computational computer systems for solving boundary value problems
  • Computer technology in economic calculations
  • Objectives of inventory management
  • Stochastic models in financial mathematics
  • Mathematical methods in actuarial calculations
  • Computer forecasting methods in social and economic sciences
  • Combinatorial methods for data compression
  • Theoretical foundations for computer analysis of problems with bifurcation
  • Bifurcation analysis of ferroelectric phase crystals
  • Solving computing problems by using Java and JavaScript technologies
Key areas of research
  • Models of complex systems in analysis of inhomogeneous, stratified, and composite mediums with significant local anomalies
  • Qualitative properties of non-classical initial and boundary value
    problems for partial differential equations, and systems of equations describing various problems of mathematical physics and hydrodynamics
  • Study of nonlinear evolution problems using projection and projection difference methods
  • Study of correct solvability of boundary value problems for evolution equations by methods of functional analysis and the theory of functions
  • Development of applications to the phenomena of heat and mass transfer
  • Development and testing of methods for analysis of local and non-local bifurcation phenomena in nonlinear boundary value problems, with parameters and applications to the theory of elastic deflection of supercritical systems, the theory of phase transitions in crystals and the theory of wave propagation in reacting mediums
  • Study of basic and approximating properties of frames in the scale of Besov and Lizorkin-Triebel spaces
  • Development of models for describing processes in inhomogeneous, non-regular mediums
  • Study of nonlinear problems in function spaces
  • Analysis of boundary value problems with derivatives by measure and with partial derivatives
  • Development of new methods for investigation and control of systems described by operators in function spaces, differential equations and partial differential equations
International cooperation in the sphere of research
International internships / joint research projects
  • Internship programmes for international researches
  • Invited lecturer scheme
International grant research projects The Faculty members are involved in research within the framework of international grant projects:
Grants from University of Madrid (Spain), University of Adelaide (Australia), a grant from the Ministry of Science of Australia, grants from DAAD (Germany) and from the Mercator Professor Programme of the German Research Community (DFG), Fulbright grant, a joint project with RFBR-Italy, grants of RFBR and foreign funds to participate in international conferences and workshops

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