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Military Education

General information

The Military Training Centre trains officers for military service under contract. The Reserve Officer Training Department trains reserve officers, soldiers and sergeants.

Founded in 1926
Address 24, Building 3, Pr. Revolutsii, Room 201
Telephone/Fax +7 (473) 255-15-97, +7 (473) 220-89-57
E-mail shamaev@mil.vsu.ru
Website www.mil.vsu.ru
Head Colonel Yuri N. Korenchuk
  • Reserve Officer Training Department
  • Military Training Centre
International partner institutions The United States Military Academy at West Point
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Diploma degree (specialist) courses
  • The Linguistic Support of Military Activities
  • Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Warfare
  • Military Unit and Anti-Tank Artillery Warfare
Study options Full-time
Duration 2.5 years at the Reserve Officer Training Department, 5 years at the Military Training Centre
Academic staff 51 faculty members, including 2 lecturers with an academic degree
Study facilities/resources


  • Firing and Gun Control
  • Artillery Weapons
  • ATGM Control and Materiel Systems
  • Artillery Training Computer Lab
  • PR Projecting and Linguistic Training
  • Military Psychology
  • Basic Military and Tactical Disciplines.

  • A shooting range
  • A rifle range and a miniature range with terrain models

International cooperation in the sphere of education

VSU is the only university in Russia engaged in international collaboration in the sphere of military education.

International students A semester's course of military vocabulary for the cadets of the United States Military Academy at West Point (since 2004).
Key areas of research
  • History of state security bodies
  • Military education

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