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Faculty of Economics


Pavel A. Kanapukhin


Address: Room 212B, building 5a, 42V Ulitsa Kholzunova, Voronezh

Phone: +7 (473) 228-11-60 (5100); +7 (473) 234-90-51

E-mail: belenov@econ.vsu.ru

Website: www.econ.vsu.ru


  • Department of Economic Analysis and Audit
  • Department of Economic Security and Accounting
  • Department of Economics, Marketing, and Commerce
  • Department of Finance and Credit
  • Department of Labour Economics and Management Fundamentals
  • Department of Economics and Organisations Management
  • Department of Information Technology and Mathematical Methods for Economics
  • Department of Regional Economics and Territorial Administration
  • Department of Economics Theory and the World Economy
  • Department of Human Resource Management

Reliability, honesty, professionalism

  • One of the largest and the most important university faculties.
  • Over 3,000 Russian and international students completing various programmes.
  • The leading centre of economic education and economic science in the region.
  • A high position among economic universities and faculties in the country.
  • Active cooperation with the business community and authorities.
  • Close cooperation with employers, engaging corporate partners in the process of student trainings.
  • Organisation of regular international conferences.

Bachelor's degree

  • 38.03.01 Economics
    • Accounting, Analysis, and Audit
    • Corporate Accounting and Analysis
    • Models and Methods of Digital Economy Analysis
    • Commerce
    • Finance and Credit
    • Business Economics
    • Human Resources in Digital Economics
    • Market Economy
  • 38.03.02 Management
    • Marketing
    • Business Administration
    • Financial Management
    • Organisation Management
    • International Management
  • 38.03.03 Human Resource Management
    • Economy and Human Resources Management
    • Human Resource Management in a Company
  • 38.03.04 State and Municipal Management
    Profile: Regional Administration

Master's degree

  • 38.04.01 Economics
    • International Audit
    • Accounting, Analysis, and Audit
    • Health Care Accounting, Control, and Analysis
    • Diagnostics of Business Processes and Corporate Reporting
    • Financial Analyst: Investments, Credit Standing, Risks
    • Corporate Accounting and Investment Analysis
    • Quantitative Analysis in Financial Markets
    • Economics and E-commerce
    • Economy of a Firm
    • Labour Economics
    • Economic Security and Modern Business Processes
    • Economics of Organisations and Markets
  • 38.04.02 Management
    • Contemporary Technologies in Management
    • Healthcare Management
  • 38.04.03 Human Resource Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Human Resource Management in International Business
  • 38.04.04 State and Municipal Administration
    Programme: Administration of the Territory Social and Economic Development
  • 38.04.08 Finance and Credit
    • Financial Management
    • Banks and Banking, Banking Support of Contracts

Specialist's degree

  • 38.05.01 Economic Security
    Speciality: Economic and Legal Support of Economic Security
  • Customs
    Speciality: Customs Management and Customs Control

Secondary Vocational Education

  • 38.02.01 Economics and Accounting (area-based)

Postgraduate Training Programmes

  • 38.06.01 Economics

Study options

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Extramural


  • Bachelor’s degree programmes (full-time) – 4 years
  • Bachelor’s degree programmes (part-time, extramural) – 5 years
  • Master’s degree programmes (full-time) – 2 years
  • Master’s degree programmes (extramural) – 2 years 5 months
  • Specialist’s degree programmes (full-time) – 5 years
  • Secondary vocational education programmes (full-time) – 3 years 10 months
  • Postgraduate training programmes (full-time) – 3 years
  • Postgraduate training programmes (extramural) – 4 years

Academic Staff

Academic staff at the faculty consists of 161 people, including 31 staff members with a DSc degree and 95 lecturers with a PhD degree.

20 professors and associate professors are active members (full members) and associate members of international and Russian academies of sciences.

6 people are members of international research societies.

Educational facilities / resources

  • Methodological rooms at departments
  • Gilyarovskaya classroom
  • Academic bank laboratory of PAO Gazprom

Further information

  • In cooperation with KPMG the faculty opened the first examination centre in the Central Black Earth Region for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA.
  • Further professional education programme “School of Banking” is implemented in cooperation with VTB24.
  • In cooperation with Business School the faculty provides further professional education programmes: Executive MBA and ВВА (specialisation “Management”).

Key areas of research

  • The scientific foundation of social and economic policies and business practices.
  • Economics management system: emergence and development.
  • Accounting, finance, and analytical support system for the management of business processes, investing activities, competitiveness, and corporate governance of economic entities.

Research schools

  • Management in social and economic systems (founded by V.N. Eytington)
  • Labour economics theory (supervised by I.T. Korogodin)
  • Accounting, analysis, and monitoring economic entities (supervised by D.A. Endovitsky)
  • Economics theory and the world economy (supervised by O.N. Belenov)

Research facilities / resources

The faculty has 2 dissertation boards for specialities:

  • 08.00.12 – Accounting, Statistics
  • 08.00.01 Economics Theory, 08.00.05 Economics and National Economy Management (by field and sphere of activity, including labour economics, regional economics)

The faculty publishes two journals recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.

  • Vestnik Voronezhskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta (Proceedings of Voronezh State University), series Economics and Management
  • Modern economy: problems and solutions

There are 2 research laboratories:

  • Joint Research Laboratory for Social and Economic Processes System Modelling of Voronezh State University and Central Economic Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Interfaculty Research Laboratory for Economics and Management

International partner universities

International programmes and projects

  • Seventh framework program. Grant agreement 213091 / Project Title SUST-RUS (Spatial-economic-ecological model for the assessment of sustainability policies of Russia) Project “Interregional economic ecological model for the Russian Federation sustainable development activities evaluation”
  • DAAD grant, Germany
  • Staff members of the faculty annually complete research internships in leading international universities and companies: Chemnitz, Hamburg, Munich (Germany), Leuven (Belgium), Belgrade (Serbia), University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (Paris, France)

International cooperation in the area of education

  • Over 30 international students and over 10 PhD students from neighbouring countries, Central Africa, and Eastern Asia study at the Faculty of Economics.
  • Students have an opportunity to complete exchange training programmes at universities in the USA, the UK, Germany, China, France, and Estonia.
  • Students from the faculty complete Tempus SM_SCM-017B05-2005 programme “Lifelong Learning” (in cooperation with universities from Germany, Poland, Novosibirsk, Moscow, and Saint-Petersburg).

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