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Gardens & Green spaces

Find a bit of the country in the city. Voronezh is full of parks, gardens and green spaces.

Voronezh is a very ‘green’ city. If you enjoy strolling we recommend you to visit Koltsovskiy Skver (in the centre of the city), or go to the Pervomayskiy Sad, or Petrovskiy Skver.


Voronezh parks are ideal for picnics, cycling and photo shoots. The best recreation park is probably Alye Parusa Park (top Voronezh park and one of Top 400 World parks), which was beautifully renovated in 2012.



Among the Voronezh parks there are also such places as Yuzhniy Park, Dinamo Park, Orlenok Park and the Voronezh Arboretum.

If the weather is fine, it is worth travelling to the Southern part of the Voronezh region where the popular nature reserve Divnogorye, with its unique cultural sites, is located.




An unique nature reserve Galichya Gora open to staff and students’ research and study.





You can also enjoy a perfect day out in the Kudykina Gora safari park, which is located in the neighbouring Lipetsk region.



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