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City of Voronezh

The City of Voronezh, founded in 1584, is large and bustling, yet has the charm of an old provincial town. Conveniently located within an overnight train journey from Moscow, Voronezh is the best destination for those who are looking for a truly Russian experience.

Along with a wealth of fine architecture, cultural, and shopping opportunities, is the possibility to escape to one of the many green spaces around and just outside the city.

  • 1,051,995 population (14th in Russia)
  • 112,000 student population
  • 37 higher education establishments
  • about 2,000 international students
  • pulsating economic and cultural capital of The Black Earth Region
  • one of the biggest cultural and financial centres of the European part of Russia

City in the Center of Russia (from TO CREATE video on Vimeo)

Voronezh has something for everyone.

There are great bars, clubs and restaurants, theatres and cinemas, museums, galleries, parks, gardens, shops and sport centres.

Of course, the famous Platonov Arts Festival is not to be missed.

Find out why Voronezh is called “The city of students”, the cultural capital of The Black Earth Region and “The Cradle of the Russian Fleet".

The unique mixture of natural beauty, man-made wonders, and a relaxed atmosphere, has created one of Russia's loveliest cities. The city centre is a well-balanced blend of old and new. Elaborate 18th century buildings rub shoulders, quite happily, with newly developed modern shopping complexes. The layout is compact and straightforward, ideally suited to exploration on foot. Within a stone's throw of the busy centre, are large areas of peaceful parkland, and beautiful countryside.


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