Voronezh State UniversityVoronezh State University


VSU's Mission is to generate scientific knowledge, to conduct interdisciplinary programmes aimed at training highly qualified professionals, as well as to implement innovative solutions, ensuring a high quality of life in accordance with the national interest and global market demands.

VSU sees itself as:

  • an achievement-oriented world-class centrе of research and education for the Sciences and Natural and Human Resource Management;
  • a centrе of interdisciplinary training of Russian and international students in academic programmes which are competitive at the international level;
  • an entrepreneurial university whose activities are focused on accelerating technology transfer and the adoption of innovative technologies in the hi-tech sector of the economy of the Central Black Earth Region and Russia as a whole;
  • a dedicated institutional leader in the Central Black Earth Region committed to pooling the intellectual and cultural resources of the higher education system in order to enhance the socio-economic prosperity and improve the people's living standards.

Voronezh State University • 1997–2024