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General information

We are proud of our student-centred, highly-experienced teaching staff, many of whom are eminent scholars in their field. Our lecturers are highly qualified and experienced educators with a passion for learning. Our administrative staff are friendly and approachable and ensure the smooth running of the academic and operational functions of VSU.

There are 1580 lecturers working at VSU including 312 professors with a Dr. habil. degree, 4 professors with a PhD and 870 lecturers with a PhD.

At VSU we strive to make your learning experience an enjoyable one. Our professional staff are always willing to assist you whether it be for educational advice, study skills or your course subjects here at VSU.

Administrative Staff


Professor Dmitry A. EndovitskyProfessor Dmitry A. Endovitsky
Dr. habil. in Economics

Prof D. Endovitsky chairs the Regional Council of University Rectors which includes heads of all the institutions of higher education in the Voronezh region.

Tel: +7 (473) 220-75-22
Email: rector@vsu.ru

First Vice-Rector – Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Professor Elena E. ChupandinaProfessor Elena E. Chupandina
Dr. habil. in Pharmaceutics

Prof E. Chupandina is also Head of the Department of Management and Economics in Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy.

Tel: +7 (473) 220-87-31
Email: chupandina@vsu.ru

Vice-Rector (Research and Innovation)

Professor Oleg A. KozaderovProfessor Oleg A. Kozaderov
Dr. habil. in Chemistry

Prof O. Kozaderov is also Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry. Author of more than 130 scientific publications, including 2 monographs.

Tel: +7 (473) 220-75-33
Email: kozaderov@vsu.ru

Vice-Rector (Economics and Contract Service)

Dr Larissa S. KorobeinikovaDr Larissa S. Korobeinikova
PhD in Economics

Dr L. Korobeinikova is also Head of the Department of Economic Analysis and Audit.

Tel: +7 (473) 222-60-92
Email: korobeinikova@vsu.ru

Vice-Rector (Strategic Administrative Management)

Professor Yury A. BubnovProfessor Yury A. Bubnov
Dr. habil. in Philosophy

Prof Y. Bubnov is also Head of History of Philosophy Department 

Tel: +7 (473) 220-77-73
Email: bubnov@vsu.ru

Vice-Rector (Student Affairs and Social Development)

Dr Oleg N. GrishaevDr Oleg V. Grishaev
PhD in History

Tel: +7 (473) 239-06-86
Email: grishaev@vsu.ru

Vice-Rector (Facilities and Capital Development)

Nikolay I. Bryantsev Nikolay I. Bryantsev

Tel: +7 (473) 220-75-18
Email: bryantsev@vsu.ru


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