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Scientific research is one of the most significant spheres of the University's life and the most important aspect of education and professional training.

Voronezh State University has great innovation potential. It continues to develop its research facilities and infrastructure, as well as its management processes.

Research in VSU is conducted and supported by a large number of scientific divisions as well as a number of support groups and research infrastructure.

VSU actively promotes and advertises innovations and technologies with high potential. VSU researchers take part in various scientific contests held by Russian and foreign research organisations and foundations.

Scientific activity of VSU is provided by a whole complex of research units:

  • 17 faculties,
  • 5 research institutes,
  • 14 research laboratories in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences,
  • 10 academic, research, and production centres, in collaboration with the leading companies  of the region,
  • a science park,
  • the Centre for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment,
  • a botanical garden,
  • the Venevitinovo educational and research bioсentre,
  • the Galichya Gora nature reserve, etc.

Various studies and research activities are carried out by more than 1 400 lecturers and 100 researchers, as well as postgraduate students and students of VSU. Among them are:

  • 3 full members of state academies: the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences,
  • 1 laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation,
  • about 300 scientists with DSc degrees, professors,
  • and over 800 PhDs;
  • 53 researchers of the university who have been awarded the titles of Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honoured Geologist of the Russian Federation, Honoured University Worker of the Russian Federation, etc.

There are 28 major research areas in VSU, which correspond to practically all the research areas of classical universities.

VSU has over 40 research schools that are recognised both in Russia and abroad. The schools have made a significant impact in practically every research area supported by the university.

Annually, VSU conducts over 200 research projects amounting to more than 300 million roubles.

University researchers take part in various contests held by ministries, institutions, national and foreign research foundations. Every year the university conducts over 80 projects funded by various research foundations and over 40 projects under federal target programmes (FTP).

VSU also holds more than 90 international, national, and regional conferences every year.

Annually, the university's researchers publish over 5 000 research papers, more than 100 monographs, and 300 textbooks and study guides, and receive over 25 patents of the Russian Federation.

The University also publish 16 journals covering all the major spheres of research. 14 of them are included in the list of journals recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.

Postgraduate and postdoctoral schools provide academic staff for the university and the region in the main university specialities in the field of natural science and humanities. There are over 80 specialisations available for postgraduate studies and 8 specialisations for postdoctoral studies. Over 650 postgraduate and postdoctoral students are trained annually.


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