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Tips for International Students

Are there any course fees or other fees I will have to pay when I am in Voronezh?

  • It depends on the agreement between your sending university and Voronezh State University. You have to ask your International department or contact us directly inco@vsu.ru
  • Possible costs (independent from the university): insurance and medical service. It is possible to buy Russian insurance upon arrival. The average cost of a medical insurance policy for foreign students in Voronezh is 55 € (65 $) per year. Please note that the price might change slightly. Always ask for a current price.

How high is the average cost of living for students in Voronezh per month?

  • Approximately 15 000 ₽ per month (costs of the accommodation and insurance are not included). E.g. one bus trip costs 23 ₽, which is around 30 cents.

Where is the dormitory located?

  • There are several dormitories of VSU; some of them are located at the North university campus and some of them in the center of the city. You can apply for dormitory near the place of your study, but the final selection will depend on the available places.
  • You can find university buildings and faculties and student hostels here (press the location sign on the map to see the address):


How much does it cost per month?

Student dormitory

  • about 15€ per month (shared room for 2–3 people)

Host family

  • 300–350 € per month (half board, meals twice a day)

Rented flat

  • 220 € per month (1-room flat)

Would I stay in a single room in the dormitory or would I have to share my room with other students?

  • Shared rooms 2–3 people per room.

Is there Internet access in the dormitory?

  • Yes, the dormitories provide WiFi for internet access
  • In case you are not satisfied with the provided WiFi internet access, you can purchase it from a third-party provider for 5 to 8 € monthly

What is included in the price of the room and what costs extra?

Additional costs might arise in the dormitory:

  • For electricity (max. ca. 600 ₽, which is now 8 € per month) – this cost may be waived according to the agreement between universities;
  • For internet (from 5 to 8 € monthly);
  • For a medical check upon arrival, in case you take a student hostel (it is usually reimbursed by your original insurance company OR included into Russian insurance already)

Are the rooms furnished?

  • Yes

Are there washing machines available for the students living in the dormitory?

  • Yes, on the floor

Is it possible to work?

  • This is a very complicated issue… Generally, it is possible if a student finds an organization that is ready to make an official contract with a student.

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