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Innovative Projects

Innovative projects VSU


  • Developing an informational system of multimedia content copyright protection, to be used by the copyright holders online and on Android-based mobile devices.
  • Developing and producing a pilot batch of wireless wrist-wearable photoplethysmographs that could communicate the information to a smartphone or a PC, in order to collect, process, and analyse the data on a person's stress level and the state of their cardiovascular system. The ultimate result is creating a range of microdevices worn on the wrist that would allow for round-the-clock monitoring of a person's cardiovascular system and their stress level. The device will transmit the acquired data to a smartphone or a PC on a real-time basis in order for it to be analysed and/or then delivered via the Internet to information hubs.
  • An automated hybrid intelligence control system based on a brain-machine interface.
  • Developing the software for implementing new image super-resolution technologies.

Chemistry, Physics

  • A study of self-organizing nanodimensional layers of heterocyclic phosphonic acids on the surface of low-alloy steel for anticorrosion protection purposes.


  • Developing the methods of synthesizing new heterocyclic compounds based on substituted biguanides, which could be used to develop medicine for socially significant diseases.
  • Developing a substance based on natural oils high in squalene in order to create a medicine for preventing and treating drug-induced liver injury.
  • Developing a complex biocatalyst aimed at treating digestive tract conditions.
  • Developing the formula and performing a technological study of microencapsulated pharmaceutical forms of vinpocetine.
  • Developing and producing a chitosan-based wound healing gel.

Social projects

  • A medical, psychological and pedagogical model of children’s rehabilitation in an inclusive camp.
  • Housing and utility headquarters.
  • The "BrainGame" inter-university educational project.
  • A crowdsourcing platform "Voronezh: Mine and Yours" (vk.com/mtv36).
  • Developing an educational convention "Great Life – Healthy Life!" aimed at promoting eating culture and developing training skills.

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