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Vladimir N. Glaziev

Vladimir N. GLAZIEV

Address: Room 313, 88 Moskovsky Prospect, Voronezh

Phone: +7 (473) 221-27-46

E-mail: deanery@hist.vsu.ru

Website: www.hist.vsu.ru


  • Department of Russian History
  • Department of Contemporary History, Historiography, and Records Management
  • Department of the World History and Records Management
  • Department of Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Department of Sociology and Political Studies
  • Department of Political History

The Faculty of History: study the past, understand the present, foresee the future

  • A classical faculty at a classical university
  • One of the oldest (founded in 1918) faculties at VSU
  • Dynamic subdivision of the university. The Faculty of History traditionally moves with the times, responds to educational and spiritual needs of the youth, and trains specialists in accordance with the contemporary needs of the society and the state: there is a new bachelor’s degree programme “Asian and African Studies” offered at the faculty (the first students with a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies graduated in 2020)
  • A designated centre of science and education in in the Central Black Earth Region of Russia. Continuous improvement of the technologies of education of historians, political and social analysts, and specialists in Asian studies and maintaining the trusted classical traditions of education
  • Our graduates work successfully in governmental agencies for the protection and usage of the historical and cultural heritage objects, in gymnasiums, museums (Regional Museum of Local Lore, “Kostyonky”, “Divnogorie”), new construction archaeological expeditions, commercial archaeological organisations, etc.
  • In various years, students and postgraduate students from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Mali, Ethiopia, Sudan, Panama, Mexico, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Afghanistan, USA, and other countries studied at our faculty. The faculty offers training and internships to international students, postgraduate students, and interns

Bachelor's degree

  • 46.03.01 History
    Field of study: Research and Teaching in History
  • 41.03.04 Political Science
    Field of study: Public and Political Management
  • 39.03.01 Sociology
    Field of study: Organisation and Conducting Surveys
  • 46.03.02 Archives and Records Management
    Field of study: Document Support of Management
  • 58.03.01 Asian and African Studies

Master's degree

  • 46.04.01 History
    Field of study: Research and Teaching in History
  • 41.04.04 Political Science
    Field of study: Analysis of Politics and Policies
  • 39.04.01 Sociology
    Field of study: Sociological Education

Secondary Vocational Education

  • 46.02.01 Document Support of Management and Records Management

Postgraduate Training Programmes

  • 46.06.01 Historical Sciences and Archaeology
    Fields of study:
    • Russian History
    • General History
    • Archaeology
  • 41.06.01 Political Sciences and Regional Studies
    Field of study: Political Institutions, Processes, and Technologies

Study options

  • Full-time
  • Extramural


  • Bachelor’s degree programmes (full-time): 4 years
  • Master’s degree programmes (full-time): 2 years
  • Secondary vocational education programmes (full-time): 3 years 10 months
  • Postgraduate training programmes (full-time): 3 years
  • Postgraduate training programmes (extramural): 4 years

Academic Staff

  • 14 DSc
  • 38 PhDs
  • 7 lecturers without degrees

Educational facilities / resources

Key areas of research

  • Ancient Archaeology of the Northern Black Sea Coastal Area
  • East European Forest-steppe Archaeology
  • Ethnic and Cultural History of the Middle Don Region in the 12th–15th centuries
  • History of Ancient Navigation
  • History of Russian Archaeology
  • Relationships of Old Rus with the Steppe People in the 11th–15th centuries
  • Social and Political History of Russia in the 16th–18th centuries
  • Social and Economic Development of Russia in the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • History of Social Movement in Russia in the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • History of Russian Political and Historical Thought of the 19th–20th centuries
  • History of the Great Patriotic War
  • Social and Economic Development of the Voronezh Region
  • Irish Studies, German Studies, International Historiography, Turkic–Tatarian nationalism
  • History of the Countries and Peoples of the Balkan Peninsula in the Middle Ages
  • Ethnic Minorities of Foreign Slavic Countries, 1918–1945
  • History of Western Europe in the Middle Ages
  • Russian Modernisation: Subjects, Problematic Field, Resources Potential
  • Social and Political Processes in Modern Russia: Theory and Regional Practice
  • Social Processes in Universities at a New Stage of Higher Education Reformation

Research facilities / resources

  • Irish Research Centre
  • Joint Association of History and Germanistic Studies (in collaboration with the Faculty of International Relations)

The faculty publishes a journal that is included in the list of Russian peer-reviewed journals recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. VSU Vestnik. History series. Political Science. Sociology.

Students are actively involved in research. There is a Students' Research society of historians (Research supervisor – Yu.V. Seleznev, DSc in History). A collection of students’ and postgraduate students’ research papers “Novik” is published annually. Some department have students’ research communities.

Ireland and Germany are priority countries for the international cooperation.

Key international partners


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