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Admission Rules

To apply to study at VSU, please follow the application instructions.

Making an application can be split into the following steps:

Step 1 Choose your course.
Step 2 Check the entry requirements.
Step 3 Complete the application form. This includes uploading any relevant documents and completing your personal data. Applications are sent directly to the University through the website.
Step 4 We will consider your application and contact you if we require any additional documents or information.
Step 5 Our decision will be sent to you via e-mail.

Important dates

Full-time study

The academic year in Russia begins in September (the exact date is September 1st), so we need to start considering the candidates’ documents and make invitations for them between May 1st and June 15th. The deadline is June 15th.

Exchange programs

There are two set deadlines by which you must submit your application to us, depending on which semester you are applying for:

  • Fall semester deadline – 15 May
  • Spring semester deadline – 15 November

Russian Language Summer courses

The classes start on June 1, June 16, July 1, and July 16.
Application deadline: two months before the programme starts


To join a programme which interests you, please see the relevant page:

Visa advice

You will need a visa to study in Russia, unless you are a citizen/national of the Russian Federation or a country that has a mutual visa-free regime agreement with the RF.

If you accept our offer of a place to study at VSU, we will provide you with visa support and help to apply for your visa. Contact us for help and advice.


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