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Russian Language studies

Voronezh State University (VSU) – a classical university – is an internationally recognized centre of Russian Studies.

Our Russian Language Programmes provide a unique possibility to enjoy study in a Russian setting and upgrade your knowledge of the Russian Language and Russian culture.

Russian as a second language is taught at the Institute of International Education – a large and specialized department within the framework of the Voronezh State University that coordinates all the work with international students and is in charge of tuition and accommodation.

Classroom activity is combined with an immersion programme in the city and the countryside. On the weekends students engage in exciting trips to the local tourist attractions of Voronezh Region.

Alongside with studies we offer a one-week tourist programme with visits to Moscow – St. Petersburg and Moscow – the Golden Ring towns (Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Suzdal, etc.) and other places of interest in Russia.

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