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Pre-university studies

The pre-university course gives you an opportunity to start your studies in one of the best Universities in Russia, get a degree, and start your career.

The course is created for students who do not have the required command of the Russian language.

It contains:

  • in the first semester – an intensive course of Russian;
  • in the second semester – Russian with additional disciplines of the student’s choice designed to support international academic work and college awareness, beginning in the middle grades so they will be prepared for high school. The programme provides multi-year support services through school-based tutoring, advice and counselling, early college awareness, and arts education programmes.


What documentation is required?

For admission to the pre-university training programme in Russian you must submit the following documents to imo@interedu.vsu.ru.

  • a copy of your passport (translation into Russian is optional);
  • a copy of documents confirming your level of education (in English or French; in other languages a translation into Russian is required);
  • a completed application form (you can complete the application form on our website, or request it by fax or e-mail).


A year of study at pre-university department costs $2000 USD.

In addition to this, a student will have to pay for obligatory medical insurance 68 USD a year. VSU also provides students with accommodation in dormitories in different parts of the city, close to the university buildings.

Accommodation in a student dormitory costs about $300–350 USD a year.

Medical insurance and accommodation fees are paid on arrival at the university.

Study payments can be made prior to arrival by bank transfer or by cash in roubles upon arrival at VSU.

Important dates

The admission campaign for foreign applicants at VSU begins in May.

The submission of applications by prospective students for the pre-university training programme continues until October 1.

Invitation for visa

How to get a visa?

After the applicant receives an invitation by e-mail, they need to contact the consular department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the city that was indicated by the applicant as their place for obtaining a visa.  The applicant must inform the embassy of the invitation number or provide a copy of the invitation. In accordance with this invitation, the applicant will be issued an entry visa to study at Voronezh State University.

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For any further information, feel free to contact us on:

Tel: +7 (473) 266-16-16
Email: imo@interedu.vsu.ru, rodionov@interedu.vsu.ru
Address: 40a Kholzunova St., Voronezh, Russia 394068


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