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Viktor M. Nenakhov


Address: Room 211p, building No. 1b, 1 Universitetskaya pl., Voronezh

Phone: +7 (473) 220-89-89; +7 (473) 220-83-79

E-mail: deanery@geol.vsu.ru

Website: www.geol.vsu.ru/deanery/


“The mineral wealth is a guarantee of the greatness of the nation" / M.V. Lomonosov /
Providing mankind with minerals, energy, water, and the prevention of geological disasters is the main mission of geology

  • Lifestyle. The faculty unites people who love their profession, appreciate the beauty of nature, are prepared for active and creative work, like travelling, exploring, and value real friendship.
  • A large research complex that combines classical fundamental education (the faculty was founded in 1934) and modern methods of studying the earth interior
  • The faculty trains specialists in the field of fundamental research both in theoretical problems of earth sciences and applied sciences related to the study of the geological structure of the subsoil resources of Russia, surveying and exploration of various mineral deposits, geotechnical investigations necessary for construction work.
  • A new ecological and geological direction of personnel training is under active development.
  • Training students using modern drilling and geophysical equipment, sophisticated electronic devices, analogue and computer systems, etc.
  • Modern methods for solving problems related to the fuel and energy complex, ecology, seismology, surveying mineral deposits, modelling, and forecasting of natural processes
  • The opportunity to study various regions of the country as part of internships

The Faculty of Geology was founded in 1934. In the Soviet times, the main contingent of students of the Faculty of Geology were young men. They wore uniforms with a geological emblem that made them stand out from the rest of the student body. In the post-war years, the future ministers and leaders of the geological industry of the USSR and Russia studied at the faculty. They included A.V. Sidorenko, E.K. Lazarenko, B.A. Yatskevich, A.A. Kremenetsky, and S.V. Zhabin.

Among the leading geologists who have created entire sections of geology were Professors S.G. Vishnyakova, P.F. Sopko, M.S. Tochilina, N.P. Khozhainova, G.I. Raskatova, I.N. Shchegoleva, V.N. Preobrazhenskaya, N.A. Plaksenko, V.P. Semenova, and N.M. Chernyshov.

Bachelor's degree

  • 05.03.01 Geology
    Fields of study:
    • Geological Survey and Prospecting of Mineral Deposits
    • Geophysical Methods of Mineral Exploration
    • Groundwater Prospecting and Exploration and Geological Survey
    • Ecological Safety of Mineral Management

Master's degree

  • 05.04.01 Geology
    • Contemporary Methods of Studying Subsurface Resources
    • Engineering Surveying and Ecological and Geological Design

Specialist's degree

  • 21.05.02 Applied Geology
    Specialisation: Geological Surveying and Mineral Deposit Exploration

Study options

  • Full-time
  • Extramural


  • Bachelor’s degree programmes: 4 years (full-time)
  • Bachelor's degree: 5 years (extramural)
  • Master’s degree programmes: 2 years (full-time)
  • Specialist’s degree: 5 years (full-time)

Academic Staff

The faculty employs 64 lecturers, including 38 staff members with a PhD, of which 32 are associate professors, 13 staff members with a DSc degree, 12 professors, of whom 1 is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Educational facilities / resources

  • Laboratory of Biostratigraphical Research
  • Lithological Laboratory
  • GIS Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Ecogeological Research Methods
  • Multimedia Centre
  • Laboratory of Gravity and Magnetic Research
  • Laboratory of Geophysical Well Logging
  • Laboratory of Seismic Methods
  • Laboratory of Computational Geophysics
  • Laboratory of Geophysical Equipment
  • Laboratory of Petrophysics
  • Electrical Exploration Laboratory
  • Problem Research Laboratory for Geology
  • Laboratory of Information Technologies
  • Laboratory of Soil Mechanics
  • Laboratory of Hydrogeology
  • Soil Science Laboratory
  • Educational Research Centre of Voronezh State University – Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Mineragenical Laboratory
  • Mining and Petrological Laboratory
  • Mineralogical and Petrological Laboratory
  • Ore Mineral Laboratory
  • Gemmological Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Metamorphism
  • Grinding Shop
  • Laboratory of Structural Geology
  • Laboratory of General Geology

Further information

Annually, the Faculty of Geology organises practical trainings and internships for students which enhance their theoretical knowledge and open opportunities to apply their knowledge and visit amazing new places.

Practical trainings are held in the Republic of Adygea, Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, and Voronezh Region.

Internships are held, as a rule, in different parts of Russia, for example, the Kola Peninsula, Arkhangelsk Region, Stavropol Territory, Polar and Southern Urals, Altai Territory, Republic of Buryatia, Chukotka Peninsula, Yakutia, Kamchatka Peninsula, etc.

Research and education centre "Sedimentary formation mineralogy of the Central Federal District”, academic manufacturing centre “Exploration Geochemistry”, academic manufacturing centre “Geology”, and research and education centre “Geology of ore deposits in Central Russia”.

Employees from the faculty annually take part in federal targeted programs.

The faculty has various education programmes for international students. Every year, 5 international students study at the faculty.


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