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Interview with our graduate who shares his secret of how to make a career of your childhood dream

25.09.2015 17:55

Ideas and Experience / Views: 1758

Our graduates remember with fondness the years they spent at the university. Many of those who have left their alma mater have a very packed schedule and still they manage to find time to tell the current students about how the skills and knowledge they gained when studying at the university helped them to start their career. This time we had a chance to talk to a 2005 graduate of the Department of Finance and Credit of the Faculty of Economics of Voronezh State University, the Executive Director of Gazprombank Mikhail Omigov.

'It was not very difficult for me to choose a university, I knew exactly where I wanted to study.  When I was in high school at Koltsov's gymnasium  I set a goal to get a job in a large financial company. The Faculty of Economics of Voronezh State University was the best choice – it was a good foundation for my future career. I have never regretted the choice I made then'.

A VSU activist

'I took part in the festival "Student Spring" many times. Now when I look back at that time I am absolutely sure that these were epic times for us. We were eager to fight and create and were very proud of what we were doing.  The "Spring" festivals of the Faculty of Economics took place in the Voronezh Youth Theatre and it was a great pleasure to see that the house was full. Our sketches were always marked very high and it was very rewarding. I was lucky to write scripts and perform. I remember one of the videos that we made – it was cheered by the audience and got lots of views on Youtube'.

Studying at the Faculty of Economics

'I spent five years studying at VSU. Everything I learned at that time played a very important role in my future career. At VSU I understood that you have to be broad-minded and have to explore the problem thoroughly. Humanities teach you to think, enjoy reading and searching answers to questions. In fact, the knowledge you get at the Faculty of Economics is almost nothing compared to what you obtain as a matter of practice. However, without these fundamentals you can not develop further. I beleive there is only one things that needs improvement at the Faculty – it has to attract more practising specialists working in financial companies to teach students. Those people who could use their own experience to explain specific situations they have come across in their professional life. Those who could tell what banking business, regional and corporate economics is like today'.

Beginning of the career

'When I was a fifth/sixth year student I started my career at the "Voronezh" bank. I chose this company for my practical training. I tried very hard to get there and was very happy when I succeeded in it. After a four week training I was offered a job and accepted the offer. I still can not understand how I managed to work full time at the bank and do a full-time master's course at the same time, but all in all it was a very fruitful time. I worked at this bank for almost 5 years. Then I worked in different banks and financial companies. Finally, in 2013 my career continued in the Voronezh branch of Gazprombank where I got a position as executive director. I have moved to Moscow and started to work in the Head Office of the bank recently. I have no regrets about anything'.

Tips for those who are at the very beginning of their career

'First of all, you have to be active. Otherwise, there is no point in having a job. You can find yourself in any business even the one that is only partly connected with what you are aiming at. Secondly, you have to learn to communicate. This highly valuable skill is required for any work. And you can learn this highly valuable skill at Voronezh State University. At the university you have a chance to communicate with teachers formally and informally. Thirdly, you need to learn foreign languages. This is a must. If you do not have opportunity to practice language daily, have special classes as it is very important to keep it at a very high level. Lots of documents you have to study are in foreign languages and you have to be able to read them and work with them. Fourthly, you have to be a good reader and it does not mean just studying theoretical material – you have to be able to analyse it and see its realisation in real life. The most important thing is to never stop developing. Then your aims will develop, too. As a result you will broaden your mind and set bigger and more challenging goals'.

An employer for VSU graduates

'From time to time we have students from VSU who do their practice training at our company and as my experience shows they differ a lot from graduates of other universities. We are very happy to have them. I like their ambition to move on, interest in things they do – they come to delve into things rather than just push papers. They have the university spirit, the spirit of the Faculty of Economics, the spirit of studying, of studentship. They are real. Obviously, we do not offer job to everyone, there is a special procedure that has to be followed. We expect people who are motivated and eager to learn, to develop, and to acquire new skills.'

Students of Voronezh State University should take note of the fact that the driving power of Mikhail Omigov's career has been his ability to set the right goals, to follow and achieve them, his ability to work, his intellectual curiosity and his zeal. Every person has these qualities – you only need to know how to develop and use them.

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