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Anniversary conference at the Faculty of Economics

31.01.2020 22:01

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On 29 January, the Faculty of Economics of VSU held the anniversary international scientific conference “90th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics”. The conference was participated in by the staff and students of Voronezh State University, as well as representatives of other universities and research institutions in Russia and Belarus.

Before the conference, there was a ceremony of unveiling commemorative plaques dedicated to three leading researchers of the faculty, founders of three scientific schools: Vladimir Eytington, Liliya Gilyarovskaya, and Yury Khaustov.

The rector of VSU, Dmitry Endovitsky, unveiled the commemorative plaque dedicated to his teacher, Liliya Gilyarovskaya, and talked about her contribution to the development of the faculty.

“A lot can be said about Liliya Gilyarovskaya. She was a great teacher who loved her students. There are a lot of outstanding teachers at this faculty, and it was Liliya Gilyarovskaya who helped them to grow professionally and personally. She was a great person and a real scientist.”

The head of the Department of Regional Economics and Territorial Administration, Igor Risin, unveiled the commemorative plaque dedicated to his teacher, Vladimir Eytington, and talked about the value of his works for the national economics: “Vladimir Eytington was a dedicated researcher. He defined the research principles we use now. The first principle is always to try something new. He was only interested in things that nobody else had studied before, he always wanted to do something new. According to the second principle, teachers from different departments should work together and develop teams.

He used to say that it is important to go beyond your own sphere of scientific interests. He supervised our research projects conducted jointly with historians, philosophers, and other researchers. The third principle is that the common good is more important than personal prosperity. Don’t forget, that he also was one of the founders of the expert economist community, whose expertise is often requested by the authorities.

The commemorative plaque dedicated to Yury Khaustov was unveiled by the director of the VSU Business School, Svetlana Klinova.

“We will always remember Yury Khaustov as a very knowledgeable, friendly, kind, sensitive, and sympathetic man. He managed to gather enthusiastic and hard-working young people who are now continuing his work.”

The ceremony was followed by the opening of the conference which was attended by the faculty’s staff and students, as well as by university teachers from other cities and countries.

“We live in tough times. But the Faculty of Economics keeps growing, no matter what. It has a unique atmosphere and its own corporate culture. We do not wait for somebody to help us. We participate in large international projects, develop new master’s degree programmes, try to strengthen our partnership with the leading national and world universities, run our own Business School and resource centres. I also want to express my special gratitude to the heads of our scientific schools. PhD and DSc applicants from all over the country and the former Soviet Union seek our reviews of their papers. Our graduates are highly praised at the market. I wish you all further prosperity”, said Dmitry Endovitsky.

The dean of the Faculty of Economics, Pavel Kanapukhin, said that the anniversary does not mean the faculty could stop its development.

“We are heading towards dramatic changes in the economy, and we are ready to meet this challenge. Once more, we are pioneers. We are among the few faculties in the country who have managed to develop several modules in digital economy. Today, on the day of our anniversary, I urge you to set new goals for yourselves. I see the enthusiasm of my colleagues and our students, and this makes me feel optimistic. We have somebody to whom we can pass on our knowledge. Remember, that you should to carry the name of the student or the teacher of the Faculty of Economics with honour, and never stop!”

Then the participants of the conference watched a film about three scientific schools founded at the faculty. After that, the rector and the dean awarded the faculty’s staff with certificates and letters of acknowledgement and congratulated the veterans of the faculty.

The plenary session opened with a presentation by the head of the Department of Russian History, Mikhail Karpachev, on the history of the Faculty of Economics. The head of the Department of the Economics Theory and World Economy, Tatiana Gogoleva, and Vice Dean Irina Schepina talked about the evolution of scientific schools and research areas at the faculty. The head of the Department of Regional Economics and Territorial Administration, Igor Risin, and the head of the Department of Economics and Organisations Management, Yury Trstchevsky, made a presentation about the collaboration of the faculty with the authorities. Andrey Churikov, Deputy Head of the Department of Health of the Voronezh Region, emphasised the importance of economic analysis of the effectiveness of the shared resources at healthcare institutions. The plenary session was followed by three parallel round table discussions dedicated to the three scientific schools of the faculty: “Research in management”, “Research in accounting and economic analysis”, and “Research in Economics Theory”.

During the breaks the participants of the conference continued talking about the faculty and its anniversary.

“I believe that the Faculty of Economics is the leading centre of economical education in the Central Black Earth Region. We have great students. Most of them are very talented and have large potential. They work hard, and it is very stimulating. What I think is that we are all quite talented But besides talent, we also need one other thing, a small but very important thing. This thing is luck. Let luck always be with us!”, said Yury Treschevsky congratulating his colleagues.

The veterans of the faculty also joint the event. Associate professor at the Department of Human Resource Management, Liliya Stadichenko, talked about the way university influenced her life and personality.

“The Faculty of Economics is my alma mater. It shaped my personality. It taught me to respect time and follow the rough rules of time management. There is a lot to do in life. You have to be a woman, a mother, a teacher all at the same time. It is not easy to be a teacher. You should be very knowledgeable, but you should also be a sort of artist, an actor. It is important to pass on your knowledge, but it is even more important to motivate the students, make them interested. Working with students we keep growing ourselves: we learn to understand them better, to love them and to forgive them. I wish our students to study harder, and I wish my colleagues to keep growing personally and professionally.

Rosa Avdeeva, a lecturer at the Department of Information Technology and Mathematical Methods for Economics, said that to succeed in economics you have to love it.

“Economics deals with everything: calculations, planning, accounting and audit, economic analysis of business operations, etc. You need a comprehensive approach to solve a problem in economics. It requires hard work. To be a good specialist, a professional, you need to love economics. If a student really wants to succeed, they can learn a lot at our faculty. We have excellent teachers! Yes, we may be rough, we have our principles and we follow them, but isn’t it the only way to do our job? Today's students are “sensitive” to their teachers. They will only listen to you and attend your classes, if they see, that you can really teach them something. We have no lack in highly competent teachers at our faculty. This is why our graduates have no problems finding a job.”

The students of the faculty also talked about their studies, their aspirations and plans. Anna Lesnyak, a third-year student at the programme “Models and methods of digital economy analysis”, believes she chose the right faculty.

“I like studying here. It’s very interesting. Our teachers motivate us by their own experience, they are our role models. To be honest, I never expected it to be so great. I thought there would be a lot of theory, since it’s a university. But in fact, we get a lot of practice, the faculty staff teach us everything. I’m sure I will benefit from my knowledge.”

“The Faculty of Economics is the choice of the future. It gives you a solid framework you can base your whole life on. It provides incentives both for professional and personal growth. And I would like to thank all the teachers of our faculty for these opportunities!”, Said Alexander Proskurin, a fourth-year student at the programme “Economic Security”.

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