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University Hall, the heart of students’ creativity

08.06.2023 12:44

Culture, Student's life / Views: 344

The students of our university have always known that VSU means interesting classes, loads of homework, and being sleepy all the time. At our university you can do many things to make your student years vibrant and unforgettable.

University Hall is the place of hundreds of memories, victories and defeats, unlimited creativity, and intellectual meetings. Our stage located in the building of the Faculty of Journalism has been creating a unique atmosphere for student life since 2015.

“The concert hall which opened in 2015 provided our students with a wonderful place for creative communication and also gave an opportunity to improve the cultural environment of the university and the aesthetic and artistic range of university meetings,” noted VSU Rector Dmitry Endovitsky.

A modern concert hall is highly important for an educational institution. Great acoustics and the possibility to conduct high-quality speeches and presentations allow us to efficiently hosting business forums. The sound system of the hall is represented by HK Audio acoustics, a world leader in concert hall systems. A wide range of Sennheiser microphones and additional monitoring equipment correspond to the needs of most performers. The Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital console allows creating accurate sound scenes and save the settings for each conducted event, which makes the work of a sound engineer much easier. The light system of the hall is a combination of traditional spotlights with Fresnel lenses and the most advanced LED dynamic devices by Silver Star that can create a great number of various dynamic light effects. All the systems can be switched and controlled from a single console.

The beginning of student life is inextricably linked with the First-Year Student contest. VSU University Hall is a perfect place for creative contests between faculties, showing off your talents, and finding creative solutions for concert programmes. The hall's equipment can satisfy any creative needs of first-years students and the employees can always provide technical assistance. The impression of this first meeting is what makes young students’ eyes shine and opens the door to incredible times during student years filled with vibrant emotions and events.

Every year, the “Students’ Spring” festival is becoming a more and more spectacular event in the life of students. More and more students from all faculties participate in this festival once they get inspired by the emotions from the First-Year Student contest. The organisation and conduction of the festival require high technical standards, comfortable dressing rooms, and a hall equipped with high-quality light and sound equipment. A successful performance at the “Students’ Spring” festival gives winners an opportunity to take part in the All-Russian contest of student amateur performances.

Student Teams will also make your student experience unforgettable. Modern Student Teams is a chance to work during the summer and to show your creative talents to the university. For this reason, the annual festival of student teams from the universities of the Central Federal District was invented.

It also gives an opportunity to gather young students from VSU at one stage in order to find out who is the best singer, dancer, or actor. The event is held by the Voronezh regional branch of the All-Russian Youth Public Organisation “Russian Student Teams” and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Joint Students’ Board of Voronezh State University, as well as the headquarters of student teams of Voronezh State University. Students wearing student team jackets, singing songs, and giving performances with local jokes from summer working semesters create a friendly atmosphere. Their motto is “We are the best people in this country!”.

Jokes are an essential part of life. And as we know, they help us live longer. This is why the championships of the KVN’s Voronezh league repeatedly took place on the stage of the VSU Concert Hall, and our students love these meetings so much that there are usually no free seats left.

For those students who prefer quieter and more intellectual events, VSU Concert Hall offers classical music concerts of the Youth Symphony Orchestra led by Yury Androsov and Voronezh Symphony Orchestra led by Igor Verbitsky.

“We see a new amazing tradition being established: the Symphony Orchestra performs at our Hall twice during an academic year, at the beginning and at the end of it. This is the true university spirit!” said Dmitry Endovitsky.

The hall is equipped with a powerful multimedia projector, a motorised screen, and two video walls on LCD panels, which allow conducting video projections and presentations even with full lighting. Due to this feature, it is also possible to watch films and online broadcasts in the concert hall. There is even a video contest called “VSU – Semper in motu!”.

Our university does not only mean high-quality education and vibrant student life. We create all the necessary conditions so that students with disabilities can easily not only study remotely, but also on-site, because everyone needs communication in person. Special technical equipment is not the only thing that we use to take care of our students with special needs. VSU also has the Theatre of Equals, a unique inclusive cultural project. The actors in this theatre are young people with disabilities. VSU has been supporting the theatre since its first day. By the way, the concert hall is also adapted for spectators with disabilities.

VSU University Hall loves guests. For example, a workshop “The muse visiting the university” by Alexander Lityagin, art director of the Voronezh State Opera and Ballet Theatre, was held in the hall.

University Hall is a perfect place for children’s performances. Music concerts of different genres are regularly conducted here.

We should also mention our international students thanks to whom VSU is known in different parts of the world. The Festival of Russian Speech for the international students of Russian universities has been organised for several years by the International Education Institute of VSU and supported by the Russian World foundation and the Russian Association of Teachers of the Russian Language and Literature. It is an important event for the whole country. The participating teams prepare a vibrant presentation of their cities and universities and compete in the knowledge of the Russian language and culture. The festival ends with a great closing concert. It is one of the most favourite events for students from all faculties as it provides a unique opportunity to meet and communicate with international students who are always willing to talk with Russian students.

The Concert Hall of VSU deserves to be called the heart of our university. The university buildings rarely remain quiet and dark and its doors are hardly ever closed. A big stage, a comfortable and spacious auditorium, modern equipment, and helpful employees make the Concert Hall a wonderful place.

Entering VSU means developing and fulfilling not only your intellectual but also creative skills, meeting like-minded people, and discovering incredible love to performing.

Text by: Sofia Timchenko



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