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Platonov Arts Festival

VSU is one of the creative partners of Platonov Arts Festival and one of the central institutions that studies Andrey Platonov's works. In June 2019 the Festival was held for the 9th time, and VSU hosted a number of events. A lot of VSU students volunteered to help in organising the Festival.

“Theatre of Equals”

“Theatre of Equals” is a unique project (and the first such project for Voronezh Region) that helps the young people of Voronezh involved in its cultural life. It unites both able-bodied and disabled amateur actors.

The project started in 2014. First a series of auditions were held to choose the actors. All the work started in February and was controlled by Alexander Latushko, the Chief Director of the Voronezh Youth Theatre, Anna Grebenshchikova and Vadim Krivosheev, the director of the Voronezh Youth Theatre.

The project has helped young actors to learn new skills and develop their talent in acting. A lot of professionals have taken part in this project as teachers of scenic speech, acting skills, and choreography. The first play called "The Cat on the Roof" was written specially for the Theatre by Dmitry Chugunov, professor at the Faculty of Philology of VSU. For him it was also a new experience. The premier was held on June 4, 2014, at the Voronezh Youth Theatre.


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