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Find out more about the lively cultural life of the city from historic buildings to contemporary art.


Voronezh is home to Platonov Arts Festival.

Theatres, cinemas and concert halls

Culture and Arts thrive in Voronezh.

The Philharmonic Society building is a popular venue for everything from classical music to jazz concerts, while the Opera and Ballet Theatre is the city's main home for drama, dance and performances by the Voronezh ballet company.

Proletary cinemaContemporary theatre, art and cinema are well served by the Chamber Theatre, Drama Theatre, Proletary cinema and Spartac Cineplex, offering a wide variety of live entertainment and mainstream films. Voronezh's clubs support a flourishing dance music scene, and the city encourages quality street entertainment.

Drama TheatreVoronezh is justifiably famous for its theatre school. The history of dramatic art in the Voronezh region has been rich and diverse. Its theatres have always been crowd-pullers, and it seems that this form of art will never go out of style.

Here is some information on all Voronezh theatres, their history, and repertoire.

Voronezh State Opera and Ballet TheatreAccording to the Russian edition of the journal ‘Forbes’, the Kamerniy Teatr in Voronezh is among the top 10 most interesting provincial theatres worth visiting in Russia. It is advisable to purchase tickets (which cost from 500 roubles) in advance from the theatre’s website. Also keep an eye on the Aleksey Koltsov Voronezhskiy Akademicheskiy Teatr (Voronezh Academic Drama Theatre named after Aleksey Koltsov’s), the Voronezhskiy Gosudarstevnniy Teatr Operi I Baleta (Voronezh State Opera and Ballet Theatre) and the Voronezhsky Gosudarstevnniy Kukolny Teatr (Voronezh State Puppet Theatre).

Voronezh State Puppet TheatreWhether you wish to enjoy a classical operetta, a musical comedy, or a ballet performance, it is easy to find a theatre to your liking. There are theatres that have been around for dozens of years, as well as those which have only recently joined the world of performing arts but have already become popular. They differ in their repertoire, acting techniques, and directing styles. The first professional theatre called "The Voronezh Public Theatre" opened its doors to the public in November 1802.

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Places of worship in Voronezh

  • There are a great number of Orthodox Churches in Voronezh. The most interesting churches to visit are the Blagoveshchenskiy Kafedralniy Sobor (Annunciation Cathedral), Pokrovskiy Sobor (Protection of Our Lady’s Church) and the Uspenskiy Admiralteyskiy Khram (Dormition Admiralty Church) – this is the oldest church in Voronezh, which harks back to the time of Peter the Great.
  • Voronezh Catholic parish of St. Mary Protectress
    Krasnoarmeyskaya, 36
    +7 (473) 276-62-89
  • Evangelical Lutheran parish of St. Mary Magdalene
    Karla Marksa, 36
  • Local religious organization Voronezh Jewish Religious Community (Synagogue)
    Stankevicha, 6
    +7 (473) 277-06-49
    E-mail: mrovero@mail.ru

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